If you’re looking for a completely different vacation idea this year, why not try a nudist holiday? Nudism is the original alternative activity. It’s fun and exotic, it’s totally relaxing,and it is most likely very different from anything you’ve ever done before and it’s very chic and the ultimate adult fantasy vacation!

More and more vacationers are shedding it all. Sunbathing is the fastest growing trend in the travel industry. Nudist vacations are available in all parts of the world, from near home to the other side of the world. A clothing optional vacation can bring a new spark to your life.

Nude recreation, of course, goes back at least to the ancient Greeks, who competed in the Olympics sans clothing, and later, in the United States, both Benjamin Franklin and Henry David Thoreau lauded the benefits of nude nature walks, or “air baths.” If you haven’t tried it, there’s no way I can tell you what a fun thing it is, what an added dimension to a vacation it can be.

Nudists are friendly people, and there is plenty of good conversation with what seemed to be a wholesome likeminded interesting souls. No one knows and no one cares about who you are or where your from. Every type of person from every walk of life can be found in a nudist setting.

Being a nudist allows us to relax and just enjoy good company. You will find a lifestyle that is relaxing, therapeutic and usually very reasonable. Nude vacations are recognized as one of the fastest growing sectors of the travel industry.

If your new to the idea, for most people it does not take long to warm up to the idea of disrobing in front of strangers. And if your a little shy at first you can drape a towel over your body at first. But speaking from experience, you will soon lose your inhibitions.

It's no secret anymore, nudist resorts and nudist colonies are great alternatives to the usual vacation.Do yourself a favor and check out what the nudist lifestyle has to offer in the way of freedeom. Take a look at the nudist lifestyle as part of your options when you are preparing for your next vacation.

Some of the best nudist resorts in the world are now located in the United States. We don't recomment trying to find a secluded spot to strip in the wild. It can be difficult to find depending on the area you live in and how far one is willing to travel to take it all off. We recommend a nudist resort, nudist cruise or nudist timeshare so that you will be with people with the same interests.

Nudist resorts are nice places with nice people Nudism attracts the pleasantest individuals. Let’s just enjoy the situation. By the way the nudist vacation dress code is sandals, towel and sunscreen. Now how is that for easy packing?

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